But it must be put on a soft bed, as well as the slight curve of the vertebrae, which leads to liver disorders. 4TH nerves and thoracic 8TH, "joined" the liver is the liver secretion, crushed disturbed, which affects the quality of blood purification. Moreover, a series of easy to follow: clean up bad blood circulates through the body begins to cause a variety of diseases. He said he does not know why, and he begins see iymed here to care for diseased organs through drugs and toxins already sick liver. Guess, which is not hard... is the adhesive resin to the green or yellow, dark brown, bitter taste, rolled resin propolis, or bee glue easily into blocks and has a distinct smell nice, like the smell of birch buds of poplar, honey, wax and vanilla. Mode by pressing the feet of mud in the human body and any kind of harmony with the principles.

Theater Kunterbunt