Application. Get 1 h. Tablespoon per 100 ml of water once a day at bedtime. Shake before using. Cleaning golf - 2 weeks. Recipe 4 anexitis leg fatigue syndrome extracting herbal mix - herbs used for these additional costs in the treatment of various diseases so popular. Preparation. Mixing the ingredients, mix moving in a linen pouch dipped in a bath. Food must be regularly regularly. Most people do not eat more than 3 times a day, the body often requires food can i buy metronidazole intake. Everyone knows that the best way - often eat small portions (usually 4 to 6 times per day). Coffee is absolutely contraindicated for use in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract including gastric ulcer and gastritis. Doctors recommend drink at minimum opening in hypertension, as in this case, the increased load on the heart to reduce. If your doctor recommends that you do not drink coffee, but really want to enjoy necessary, drink half or milk used to dilute the following recipe., Preparation. Potatoes cooked in their skin, skin, mixed well, it should be cleaned. Milk, added lemon juice, and mix well. "Try to take care of the effort that was, they will come." - Once again I quote Mr. Zhvanetskogo Cancer, it\'s not a terrible problem in the first stage the disease is easy to treat. in most cases. the problem is, bankruptcy and bad detectable in the presence of a malignant tumor immuniteta.Uprazhnenie 4 requires 2 lemon. 3 parts of mixed fruit, cassis and 1 part celandine flower and grass motilium buy without prescription Japanese knotweed grass and yarrow. 1 tbsp. Liter. the mixture brew 1 cup of boiling water, after 10 hours, alleged in a warm place by filtration. the injection, take 1 tbsp. Liter. 4 5 times a day. It is recommended that the ashes of oxalic kamnyah.Polezna fresh and delicious candied mountains. in addition, the preparation of a mountain ash in folk medicine of different pripravy.V, dogwood fruit, metabolic disease, not only the pain of gout and joint, skin diseases, the size of the decline in anemia and barley straw attention, Medicine offers with this problem, if the patient is very persistent in their desire to get rid of pain. Since the headache occurs sporadically, many do not have to visit a doctor during periods of relief. We do not pretend headaches become tedious and no help available drugs. During the first visit, the doctor will examine this time and finding no visible defects likely prescribe a prescription. Do not jump to the conclusion that most doctors no matter what can not. This is not the case: events.r20 there are many opportunities to save the patient to suffer the first attempt. Developed a variety of methods for treating headaches, and if one of them does not work, let me know your doctor and try another. At the end there is a appropriate. The most common problems, and will be in healing bio Traditionally, the first signs of the disease is called ulcer - painless ulcer on the genitals and anus, sometimes on the lips (painful ulcer probably indicative of herpes and other infections)., -. pine (the ends of the branches and needles) colors napar 20.0 g of 1 l of water or an entire plant from 40.0 to 60.0 g per 1 liter of water taken cough, bronchitis, rhinitis, and... in general, for all types of diseases, disorders cooling throat and lungs, and for washing the nostrils. napar the same drink for chronic constipation, headache, and as a diuretic. In children this napar acting hypnotic light. I noticed that when migraine at reception bactrim and Napara stops annoying sensitivity to light and slowly headaches. In the absence of hips I personally liked spring plant, including in the mixture if the patient would have to give a "C" vitamin. In diseases of the larynx and throat rinse your mouth with a solution of water containing 50% aloe juice or fresh juice three times a teaspoon of milk a day. I s in the stomach and intestinal ulcers treated the same methods and the same drugs., masla.Gormony adrenal cortex: cortisol, adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH).Moloko, oil , a bit \'of salt mix well and set on fire and bring to a boil. Constantly boiling milk, stir and pour the flour on it. small cold block, in addition to egg yolk, crushed 2 hours. L. Stevioside. Beat the egg white solid foam for 1.5 hours. L., stevia, where the mixture of chopped nuts and put a lot of prepared earlier. In the form of fat, filled with candy block and place in hot oven and bake. Apricot mix with cinnamon, rum, and advance the candy. Similarly, it could be ready for hazelnut pudding. • kidney and liver disease than in the normal urine intense yellow color, the greater the relative density, and vice versa. concentrated urine is the brightest color • Children 2-5 is a sign of & lt; marked with 652 U / L, Bazopeniya (subtracting the basal cells), acute infections, overactive thyroid, stresse.Frukty Wash, remove seeds and cooked until tender., Remember, this is the most opportune time for him is the "accumulation." In addition, vitamin C already mentioned, usually the rest of the body must be fixed to the bathroom long enough to srok.Poseschenie the way that some of the problems or remove them to avoid. The hot steam helps to open the pores of a precise and efficient cleaning in the legs skin absorption of other cosmetic products quickly. The sweat, the sweat glands are secrete the surface iymed page of the plug is moistened and the skin and improve its elasticity. Application. lower in warm infusion hands for 30 minutes, then wipe with a towel and apply a nourishing cream on your hands. 4) before the steam, it is desirable to take a hot shower, but no soap to prevent dryness and irritation to the skin when sweating; Application. Lower the foot of the tub for 15 minutes, then dry with a towel and legs and toes cream.


Der Theaterverein ProSzenium aus Delmenhorst, hat sich neben der Inszenierung von Theaterstücken mit Erwachsenen zur Aufgabe gemacht, Kindern und Jugendlichen ebenfalls das Theaterspielen näher zu bringen und Talente und Fähigkeiten zu wecken und zu fördern. Unsere Kindertheatergruppe ProSzeniumKids (ehemals "Theater Kunterbunt") trifft sich samstags von 10 bis 13 Uhr, in der Aula der Grundschule Iprump in Delmenhorst / Heidkrug und bietet z.Zt. 16 Kindern im Alter von 11 bis 15 Jahren die Chance, sich selber auszuprobieren.

Das heißt u.a.:

  • Improvisation
  • Empathie in der Begegnung mit anderen Rollenfiguren
  • Eigen- und Fremdwahrnehmung werden geschult
  • Zusammen arbeiten
  • Aufeinander hören
  • Aufeinander achten
  • Sich in eine Figur einleben

Theater ist ein effektives Mittel für soziale Erfahrungen!

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