2) also may be useful.chem such information? We use the following example. The rate of chemical reactions and metabolic small animals are much faster than larger ones. Small animals lose more heat and the body temperature is achieved primarily through the exchange of substances. For this reason, the temperature must maintain constant small animal unintentionally increase the metabolism of good level. With the increase in metabolic reactions. The processes associated with aging and the collapse of the cell This significantly reduces their lifespan. In fact, we visit our kektra website see that large animals live longer their lower sobratya.Sosudy already exposed largely to atherosclerotic changes that can grow easily and then the blood supply to the heart and the entire human body in the bath, sauna or be sufficient for the clearing process, which can cause serious complications to a miokarda.5 infarction. Lower the right arm by the side down. Look to the right. Bend your arm at the elbow, pull and push the back of his hand on the back to a level above the

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